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Josh Flowers and the Wild – Let the Dirt Live would be cooler we might call our album that


The London-based quartet Josh Flowers and the Wild is a folk rock outfit that took to the Real Ale Stage at Victorious. They have a lot of influences that they channel through their music and their debut EP, Young Bones, is available for download now and it consists of five songs that sum up the band and their sound.

We caught up with frontman Josh Flowers and cellist Squiff Wordsworth outside the Real Ale tent and they’re more than happy to discuss Mastermind as well as the most famous people they’ve met in the past. (more…)

Van Susans – I was going to write a song with him and I never really got a chance to do that

Van Susans

This five-piece London based band produce pop/rock music that is very accessible for any listener. Van Susans appeared at Victorious on the Seaside Stage, and while their experience might not have been totally smooth, they still put on a fantastic show. After they came off people came up to them to compliment on their show and music, a testament to their talent.

Paused in the Moment is their debut album and it has received plays from BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 6 Music. We caught them at the bandstand and despite a couple of sound problems they are in a good mood, glad to have done the set and getting ready for an appearance elsewhere the next day. (more…)

Imperial Mammoth – I bring all the things I like the most in case I do die

Imperial Mammoth

Imperial Mammoth are an American band who have just made their debut appearance in the UK. Their performance on the Nevada Acoustic Stage at Victorious was one of their first over here. They decided to go for a stripped back show as they were put on the acoustic stage. The group consists of Leonard Jackson and Laura Jane Scott, and they are two of the loveliest people we’ve met.

They were genuinely happy for a chat and seemed up for all the questions. They’re still playing around the UK so fingers crossed they’ll receive the same reception that they had at Victorious while they’re here. (more…)

Andy Muscat – we were the UK unsigned number one for the second time


Since the age of 13 Andy Muscat has been writing and performing music, and by the time he was 16 he had already graced the stage of Portsmouth Guildhall. Since then he has been building up his reputation by hitting the smaller venues and radio stations around the South Coast. Since getting a number 1 song in the unsigned chart Andy has recruited a band to expand the sound of his music.

They currently have two EPs to their name, both available for you to download and listen to any time you want. Not long after coming together as a band they had another song head on up the unsigned chart to the coveted number 1 spot. (more…)

Kelvin Jones – I love Subway


He is probably one of the loveliest guys you’ll meet. Not only was he fantastically happy to hold the interview straight after his set on the Nevada Acoustic Stage, but he also took the time out to pose for photos with people as soon as he came off. Kelvin Jones is an extremely talented musician and only started playing the guitar in the past few years. He combines pop music with blues and his biggest song is Call You Home, which became popular on Reddit and was featured on Good Morning America. (more…)

Katy Haymer – I tend to like festivals more than anything else


Katy Haymer is a singer songwriter who comes from a musical family, but has taken a little detour from the operatic path her family had taken and traversed down the acoustic folk road. Her debut album, Echoes of the Heart, is due for release at the beginning of September. She took to the Casemates Showcase stage as well as the Strong Island Tent. It was just her and her guitar and she performed very well indeed.

Both of the stages were intimate ones, where she was able to see the faces of each individual in the audience. She handled that very well and when she came off the stage from her first performance she spared some time to answer our questions, whatever they may have been. (more…)

Winters Hill – Travis Barker is the best drummer alive

winters hill

Winters Hill is a three-piece acoustic outfit that performed on the Real Ale Stage. It’s a long way on from their first live performance on Voice FM, where they first started carving a name for themselves as an alternative folk band. The Fareham based trio have created a combination of their various influences and produced a unique sound that has sent their popularity soaring.

They had enough time to spare during their busy day to step aside and try out our question cards. So, we spoke to guitarist and vocalist Max Hoar and Nimrod Taabu who plays the cajon drum. (more…)