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Pepper Presents Featuring The Lost Boys and Missing Andy

Pepper Presents

Last night The Winchester, an unassuming pub in Bournemouth, hosted the launch of Pepper Presents, a live music showcase organised by music App developers Pepper. It was a showcase of ‘local’ talent as well as equipment that is beginning to have a massive impact on the industry. And that is what Pepper is about. They’re not just an app and they have a vision for Pepper Presents, hoping one day to have their own mini tours and taking with them artists who are great live.

So, this inaugural showcase had The Lost Boys and Missing Andy on the line-up, both proved to be up to the task of launching the event. But, even before the bands took to the stage it was clear that a lot of effort had been put into the night. The charming venue was adorned with Pepper posters and the whole pub was bathed in a welcoming light. In case there was any doubt about who was responsible for the night a large Pepper Presents banner stretched across the back of the stage.

the lost boys

After a while of amiable chatting and a build up of buzzing excitement the first band took to the stage. The Lost Boys are a Southampton band that provide audiences with snappy songs, which filled the intimate venue with waves of indie pop blasting out of the Flare Audio speakers. When the band first started  it took a while for things to warm up, the first few songs didn’t flow very well and it was difficult to hear what was going on.

It was unfortunate that this period included Chat You Up, it was the opening track of the night and while the underlying thrum of the beat was enjoyable to listen to, nothing else was as clear. Yet, this is an issue that plagues bands at whatever level gracing whatever stage. Fast forward to Mr and Mrs and everything is completely different. As a band they had more energy and whatever was the cause of the sound issues at the beginning had disappeared.

This enthusiasm lasted for the rest of their set, proving that The Lost Boys are a band with much potential in front of them and they’re at a good level at this stage in their career. The passion and love for what they do is channelled into each song, but there are some loose ends that need tying up.

Once they played their last song, China in the Sink, there was another break as Missing Andy readied themselves.

Now, it’s not often you go to see someone from the local music scene live and know that they’re soon going to outgrow their trappings. It’s even rarer to go and realise they have already outgrown them. Missing Andy put on an amazing show last night with their anthemic songs and brilliant stage presence, displaying a formula that should see them launched onto the bigger stages. Rather than being whispered names throughout the local scenes they are battering away at the barriers that have beaten back many a musician.

Photo by Stephen Carter

Photo by Stephen Carter

Missing Andy started their set exceptionally strong and things only got better from there. The band worked the crowd wonderfully judging the mood and reacting to it, and the crowd loved the band. Belting their songs right back at them, yelling out song suggestions and begging for more when it seemed time was up.

While their whole performance was good there were certainly stand out tracks. Scum turned Missing Andy from an indie, brit pop rock band into a better version of The Streets. It’s an addictive anthem that can relate to many people nowadays, with amazing imagery and excellently produced music. Scum was the first of many tracks that displayed the band’s lyrical deftness.

The momentum kept on going and won over more people in the audience with new song Glorious, apparent fan favourite Dave and wrapped it all up with energetic Kings for the Weekend. The one recurring aspect of their music that makes you realise they’re such good songwriters is that there is familiarity with every song. Even if you’ve never heard it before you feel like you know it, and that is a quality not many songwriters have.

The first Pepper Presents show proved that it has momentum and support to carry on going, to gather more local bands around it and carry them forward to new audiences and giving them that chance to get noticed. It’s a brilliant movement to have because more and more local bands find themselves ignored when they’re actually the ones who deserve attention.

So, if you’re wanting to find new music, something that’s going to stay with you for a long time and become a staple of your MP3 diet, trust Pepper.


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