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Victorious Festival Preview: Public Service Broadcasting

Public Service Broadcasting

Probably one of the most unique groups about, Public Service Broadcasting came up with the out-of-the-box idea to mix old public information films with new music. The result is a unique hook that works exceptionally well, when on paper it doesn’t sound like it would.

However, this isn’t a group that should be experienced on paper. When listening to their music it’s abundantly clear that Public Service Broadcasting should be experienced live. Their debut album, Inform- Educate- Entertain, came out last year and went on to receive acclaim from the media and was even picked as BBC  6music’s album of the year.

Their force of originality and huge talent in being able to blend the old and the new seamlessly together has made them a hugely popular band. They will definitely be one of the most exciting people at Victorious Festival this year, and your intrigued by their unique blend then make sure you’re at the Seaside Stage on Saturday 23 August.

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