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Victorious Festival Preview: Foy Vance

foy vance

Originally from Ireland, and later relocating to America with his father, Foy Vance has been influenced by a rich cultures of traditional music and shaped them into his own style.

Joy of Nothing┬áis his newest album and will be released this year. It’s this piece of work that sees him taken on at the same record label that boasts the likes of Mumford & Sons. Recognition is something that he has enjoyed a lot of during his career, having toured with names such as snow Patrol and Ed Sheeran, but perhaps one of his greatest claims would be that he scored The Shore with David Holmes, an Oscar-winning short film.

Since starting out in the music industry he has received a lot of praise in the media for his ability to write songs as well as perform them. Listening to his music there is a lot of emotion put into every song.

He is a true performer and with his lively songs, of the folk rock fusion that is becoming popular, Foy Vance is certainly one to be looking forward to at Victorious Festival. You’ll be able to see him on Saturday 23 August on the Castle Stage.

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