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Victorious Festival Preview: The B of the Bang


The B of the Bang are an absolutely wonderful band that make some extraordinary music. They appeared twice at Victorious Festival last year when it was at the Dockyard, and they’ll once again be taking part. This time the band will be on the Real Ale Stage on the Sunday, performing their hugely addictive songs.

Last year at the festival was the first time I had ever heard any of their music, and they put on a great show. Their music translates incredibly well to a live show and the atmosphere that exudes from their songs and presence is also apparent on their recordings. On their Facebook page it says: ‘Its sole purpose is to sound unlike anything else you’ve ever heard whilst sounding exactly like everything else you’d ever want to hear.’ This is a rather apt description of the music they produce. Every song is different and unique to the ear.

As well as being at Victorious this year they will also be at Southsea Fest, which takes place in September all along Albert Road. With their pleasant music The B of the Bang is a Portsmouth favourite, and hopefully they will be one of yours too.

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