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Song of the Day: Spanner in the Works by Just Millie

Yes, this is from the artist I previewed yesterday for Victorious Festival. But you know, it is a good song. As you know from the previous post the track is due for release towards the end of next month and Spanner in the Works is very promising.

Not only does Just Millie display a proficiency with the guitar but she also shows a great ability in writing a song. Her voice demonstrates the variety it can achieve and the vocals match the strings of the guitar perfectly, overall the track makes a great first impression.

Although the video is slightly different to the recorded version, there is a lovely introduction to the track as well as a mild beat resounding throughout. Later in the song a violin is introduced, adding a bit more depth to the track and giving the song another level. Just Millie’s voice is also incredible sweet. It reminds me of someone like Lily Allen and Ellie Goulding. She makes her accent very prominent in her vocals and reaches an impressive pitch, it comes tot he point where her voice breaks and this gives the song more character.

This isn’t the only thing that gives Spanner in the Works some personality. The slow beginning sets the atmosphere of the track, letting you know that it intends the go at its own pace. As such it is a joy to listen to, expectations are there and there is not a single thing to disappoint you. When the guitar gets going, the strumming presses itself against your ears so that you can almost feel it.

While she has a good, steady performance throughout the song, she is most impressive when her voice is soft and at the higher end of her range. There is such great control over the vocals and this is most noticeable at these parts. It also adds more emotion to the track, it lets you know that the song is a little serious, but that doesn’t take away from the joy of it.

There is a lot of strength here, so much potential and if things happen the way they should Spanner in the Works will do well when Just Millie releases it. Don’t forget, you can pre-order it from iTunes.


One response

  1. I like her already.
    That voice…
    I can hear the dog’s breath though.
    Good recording though. 😀

    07/07/2014 at 2:26 pm

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