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Victorious Festival Preview: Just Millie

just millie2

Just Millie is the creation of South Coast artist Mille Claxton and has made a name for herself with uniquely enchanting vocals that are accompanied by acoustic guitar. The result is a wonderfully quirky voice that emphasises her British accent and puts me in mind of Lily Allen and Katy B.

Although she does have some vague similarities to these artists Just Millie remains on an island of her own uniqueness, and this is furthered by her upcoming single Spanner in the Works. It is due out in August, which is promising to be an exciting month for her with that and Victorious Festival coming up.

There is passion in her music and this makes her one to look forward to at the festival. Just Millie will be playing the Nevada Acoustic Stage on Sunday 24, and then on 29 August Spanner in the Works will be released.

If you’re a fan of Just Millie you can pre-order the single on iTunes now. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and through her website.


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