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Victorious Festival Preview: The Day of the Rabblement


The Day of the Rabblement are an amazing Portsmouth based band who have earned notches on their belt with an amazing album in the form of Night Time Rallies. They have created lively and warming music that just makes you comfortable while also getting you emotionally invested.

I first discovered them last year on recommendation from a friend and have been thoroughly glad for that discovery ever since. They’re headed up by Khaleda Harmer who produces some very excellent and unique vocals. She also plays the guitar, and if you listen carefully you can also hear a variety of instruments that keep this wonderful band afloat.

The Day of the Rabblement are currently signed with Psychadelia Records, keeping everything local. It is through this label that they released their debut album, and fingers crosses there’s another one that is at its beginnings.

Despite the size of the band, and the swell of their music, they offer up a very intimate gig and are a joy to watch. They’ve earned favourable reviews and the band are a brilliant example of the folk talent that is waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting listener.

The Day of the Rabblement will be playing the Real Ale Stage on Sunday 24 August and are just one of a line-up of exceptional musicians that are due to appear.

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