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Victorious Festival Preview: Van Susans

Van Susans

Van Susans are a London based five piece band that deal with the fickle genre pop rock. It can be hard to balance but the Van Susans are adept at traversing it. They will be playing the Seaside Stage at Victorious Festival on Saturday 24 August, throwing their lot in with the likes of Kill Kasper, The Pigeon Detectives and Tom Odell.

Their debut album, Paused in the Moment, has garnered favourable reviews since its release, including coverage from BBC radios 2 and 6 This demonstrates the excessive chord they’re striking with their audiences. They have the uncanny ability to concoct addictive hooks and mix that with the nostalgic sound of nineties bands.

They’re currently signed up to independent label Beatnik Geek Records and have produced some very impressive tracks as part of this team. As well as incorporating the standard features you’d expect from a band, they also boast odd glimpses of a violin every now and then. This is supported by wonderful vocals with a rough edge that gives the songs some texture.

Having already graced established venues, such as the Indigo O2, the Van Susans are more than ready to appear in Portsmouth for Victorious.


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