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Song of the Day: Over by Alice Boman

Rather annoyingly there is very little information available about Alice Boman on her social media sites. This is the part of the post where we would talk a bit about her history and anything she’s achieved. All we can say at the moment is that she’s from Malmö and sings in hauntingly beautiful English that clings to your mind like dew drops to blades of grass.

Over is a wonderfully delicious track that floats lazily through your ears and wafts through every part of your brain, thoroughly soaking into each and every bit until your head is absolutely drenched with its lyrics and melodies and fragile vocals. Over is incredibly subtle in everything that is sets out to do. The music is slow but paced perfectly with the vocals, and together they create an emotionally charged track that would have been ruined if the tempo was increased. The very fact that Alice Boman followed her instincts and went for the slower ethereal quality demonstrates her potential so much more than throwing everything together to make a chaotic song.

What I love about the track is the deliberateness of her vocals. They break in the right places and fade away for effect. Even when they’re not there they leave their mark on the song. In places the vocals are stronger and seemingly less fragile and this is all done with the purpose of making as much of an impact as possible. The song is well thought through and beautifully presented.

The music in the background gives an equally strong performance. It helps create that otherworldly feeling that surrounds the track. Not to mention that when it swells up Boman’s vocals feel more intimate and vulnerable, which again contributes to the emotion of the track.

It really draws you in as a listener. At first it comes across as simple, there’s not much to the song but it’s still effective. But the more you listen to it the more apparent it becomes that it’s rather complex. Many of the different features of the song rely on one another. If one part doesn’t work then none of them will. If even one single thing was different about the track the result would have been less satisfying.

It’s very rare that you get a song that just works so succinctly and efficiently, but Over by Alice Bowman does what it sets out to do. It grips you in its narrative, not once relenting until it reaches the end. Even then it can be difficult to throw of the embrace of this track if the repeat button is teasing you.


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