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Victorious Festival: The Cadbury Sisters

Cadbury Sisters

The Cadbury Sisters will be gracing the Castle Stage at Victorious Festival on Sunday 23 August.

The type of music they produce is an alternative style of folk, which fits in nicely with the likes of Laura Marling, First Aid Kit and other folky contemporaries. They mix the modern style well with traditional English folk music to create a sound that is haunting and a joy to listen to.

They inject a lot into their music, creating dreamlike songs that spread a haze through your mind and cast their own sort of magic with their melodies, harmonies and vocals.

Already playing through a round of festivals last year they are more than prepared for their debut on the South Coast, a confidence that is fortified by the release of their first EP, Close, and the subsequent tour in support of it. It has a decent track listing and gives a great idea of what to expect on the Castle Stage.

For a group that is relatively young (they were formed five years ago) they’re making an impression in their circle, and taking on a spot at Victorious is pushing the boundaries of that circle. They will be introduced to a different audience who might otherwise have missed out on their music.

You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.


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