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Song of the Day: Longtime by Ash Grunwald

Longtime gets started pretty quickly. I think there’s like one second of introduction then the whole thing kicks in pretty swiftly. It takes about the same amount of the time to be immersed in the track. Ash Grunwald does a great job.

One of the biggest sellers about the track is the vocals. For a guy they’re pretty awesome. I’ve said this before but sometimes male vocals can just fail to impress, and quite often they just sound like every other guy singing. Not in this case though. The vocals here have a lovely quality to them and much of that comes from their tone. I think it’s safe to say that Ash has an amazing voice and it’s unique to anything I’ve heard before.

Now, focusing less on the vocals and more on the song itself, I have to say that Longtime is definitely helped along by the music. It has a catchy beat and almost without noticing it transfers from instrument to instrument. Each of which adds another wonderful layer of gorgeous sound to the song. The music is so effective that you may even find yourself tapping your foot along (sounds so old fashioned, I know) to the track and not even realise that it’s happening.

This fusion of vocals and music is quite rich and creates a very moreish sound that you just have to keep consuming. The fact that little bits of it only seem to last for a second or so before disappearing is a good example of why you have to keep hitting repeat. Those tiny, fleeting bursts of sound are so lovely that you just can’t wait to hear them again, so as soon as the track is over you put it on again and wait in anticipation as it comes around again. The small introduction is a great example of this.

Almost as suddenly as everything struck up, it comes to an end…leaving nought but silence in its wake. Longtime is a thoroughly enjoyable song, it’s lively and fast-paced and those lovely vocals are difficult to stop listening to. Australian Ash has an amazing talent, I believe it’s time to go searching for his other work.


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