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Song of the Day: Taking Me Back by The Common

Well isn’t Taking Me Back a moody little song.

Actually, I guess moody isn’t really the right word. This makes it difficult to explain. I suppose what I mean is that there’s a certain mood, a certain atmosphere created by The Common on this track….and yet atmospheric isn’t quite right either.

The music is slow and low, the guitar and bass going at a slower tempo than the drums, which give the song a much faster undercurrent. It contrasts with one another but at the same time it seems so right. The vocals fit in perfectly with this strange partnership as well. They’re quite low too, which compliments the guitars and there’s a lovely tone to the lead singer’s voice which adds an extra texture to the song. However, the lyrics actually go faster than the vocals suggest, which this time goes well with the drums. I think it’s fair to say that the vocals marry it all together.

The drum intro to the Taking Me Back is a bit basic but is swiftly supported by guitar and bass. At first it goes slowly, the lyrics a bit hard to catch and then it hits the chorus. Considering it really consists of the words ‘taking me back’ it would be a surprise if it wasn’t catchy and easy to remember. Of course, I’m not being cynical about the song here, I think it actually works rather well.

The entire song sounds like something from a different decade, or perhaps it seems like a different decade because it reminds me of music I liked discovering at school. There’s feeling to the music and it doesn’t sound like the music on the radio today, which is a good thing because it shows individuality.

I know the set up is completely different, but when I listen to this track it reminds me of an early, In a Reverie era, Lacuna Coil. I know there’s a big difference in the fact that Lacuna Coil are female fronted and come under the gothic rock category, but the style of the music (not the vocals) and the way it fits together reminds me of it….although I’ll probably look back on this post and be like ‘what was I thinking? They sound nothing a like.’ But that’s just the comparison that keeps cropping up in my mind.

As I usually find with the Song of the Days, it’s a strangely addictive listen.

What do you think?

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