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Song of the Day: Blown Away by Sivert Hoyem

One of the reasons I’ve chosen this song is because of Sivert Hoyem’s voice. It’s rich and deep and just absolutely amazing. It’s a hard voice to match and I’m not sure many guys can. I think the acoustics of the venue also has a part to play in it as he has this vibrato to his voice that just echoes pleasantly.

He kind of sounds a little like Nick Cave, or at least he reminds me of him. I think it’s because they share similar qualities in the vocals, that same smoothness, which stems from that depth. The vocals just glide so smoothly over your ears, which I do admit is a strange turn of phrase, but it seems so suitable.

It’s a very simple track, just him and the music and it works so well together. He doesn’t overcomplicate it with anything and keeps it all stripped back. As a result the song takes you on a very understated journey. The calmness of it just swirls around lazily in your mind, taking your thoughts anywhere it wants to and is almost impossible to escape from.

I guess in a sense Blown Away lives up to its name. Not because it blows your mind, that would just be too dramatic, but because it does blow you away on a blissful musical breeze that you can’t help but ride. A nice soothing track, to which you can just close your eyes and listen to. Revelling in the power that undulates in  Sivert Hoyem’s voice.

That is something you want in a good track, the opportunity to just sit back and enjoy, and if you are reviewing it then having all the words that you want just popping into your head. Which is what this track actually managed to do. Even the simple introduction just hooked you instantly, setting the atmosphere and tone of the rest of the track. The guitar is so soft and soothing but at the same time edgy, in that it creates all the feeling and leaves you waiting for more.

It builds up slowly and I think that’s one of the best bits of the song, the subtlety in it. The track doesn’t need anything explosive, because it reaches right in and captures you. None of these pop world gimmicks are needed at all. And that is another mark of truly great music. You don’t hide behind anything.

Blown Away makes me excited to listen to more of Sivert Hoyem’s songs.


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