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Song of the Day: Take it Slow by Tapioca and The Flea

Well isn’t this just a catchy and addictive song.

Take it Slow by Tapioca and The Flea is a sort of unique track that sounds like it has been around for ages. When I was playing it someone said it reminded them of The Pet Shop Boys, and I disagreed because I simply don’t like them. There is an artist that this track reminds me of but I just can’t put my finger on who it is.

There is a soaring quality to the vocals which is established from the very beginning. It’s partly because of the tone to them, but when they’re in sync with the music and any backing vocals they’re just elevated to a whole new level. It’s one of the things that make the track so addictive. When played all together they clash together in an almighty cacophony of sound which is truly great to listen to.

There is a point where it dies down a bit and there are just ‘na na na’s and the music and it’s just as catchy as everything that went before it. There’s a recurring tune that pops up throughout the track and it’s often that repetition that makes songs so catchy. It happens in all the best ones and the trouble is that if you don’t get it right then the track just won’t get past a certain point. But this track is very consistent and fast-paced.

I think another thing that makes this track a good one is the introduction, it sounds so different to the rest of the track, more solemn but when it strikes up fully it takes on a new attitude. In fact that solemn start is the tune that’s repeated throughout the song and it makes for great contrast. While things get faster and built up in the track, that simple tune stays the same, neither increasing in pace nor becoming more complicated. It’s a good foundation for the song.

Of course, being caught up in the greatness of the music and vocals, I’d completely forgotten to listen to the lyrics for the first few times. But I think they follow the same recipe as the rest of the track. They’re simple but have their own layers, they have meaning in them, much like all the other parts of the track and when they add the ‘na na na’s it’s just them adding some fun and levity to the track (not that it’s particularly dark or heavy one).

This song is definitely worth checking out, it’s exciting and just offers a great alternative to all the mainstream rubbish out there. Music that means something always stands out.


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