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Song of the Day: Time by Rigbi

Rigbi is the culmination of several artists who experienced the music industry and in the end were drawn together to create this band. I was sent and email for a cover that they did of Let’s be Still by The Head and The Heart. But me being me I couldn’t resist a look at their other offerings and came across Time.

The start is simple enough with a quiet beat in the background, accompanied by guitar and what sounds like two drumsticks hitting each other. This sets the standard for the rest of the track, it’s pretty straightforward and doesn’t make things too complex. Yes there are layers to the track but they aren’t numerous. Neither are they there for the sake of being there, each has a purpose and adds something useful to the track.

It all builds up slightly over time as well, there is a point in the song where all the music and layers come crashing together and makes for a seamless instrumental interlude. While being subtle the music sets the tone of the track before the vocals even begin, and they’re quite good at drawing you in.

Speaking of the vocals, there’s something about them that’s quite addictive. I think that it’s the fact that they’re not perfect. There’s a tone to the singer’s voice that could be considered, let’s say, imperfect if pushed further, but as it is it brings a unique touch to the track and the vocals are controlled in such a way that it’s actually rather endearing.

The simplicity stretches to the lyrics too, and as I’ve said before simplicity is not an insult….at least not in this case it isn’t. If there had been too much complexity added to any aspect of this track then it wouldn’t have worked at all. As it is there is continuity across all parts of the song and it’s smooth. There are no hiccoughs with it and that is because they obviously know what they’re doing.

They’ve created a brilliant song with that unique tone and the willingness to explore sounds. I hope Time is something that you enjoy.


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