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Song of the Day: Left to Survive by The Corduroy Suit

There’s something enticing about this band. I think it’s the 80s type of feel it has and perhaps the unique tone to the lead singer’s voice. Whatever it is, it was hard to resist.

I think, by now, you’ve probably figured out that I’m a sucker for a good voice. That was definitely one of the reasons I snagged on this track. If I’m honest I listened to the this and didn’t really hear the lyrics the first few times, I was focused solely on the overall sound. That voice is certainly distinctive and is probably the best thing and the most stand out aspect of the song.

When I read the press release and saw what genre they had been listed under I thought they would sound like a lot of the generic bands that are muddling about out there. Thankfully I was wrong. While the sound of the instruments hang around the average level that voice is the thing that really pushes the song further.

The introduction to the track is really good, it’s bold and loud and just intrigues you making it essential to carry on listening. But after the first few seconds it dies down and becomes nothing more than background music. This would have been more of a problem had the singing not started (told you I’m a sucker for a good voice).

The lyrics themselves sound a little bittersweet, and considering the subject of the video and press release (girl leaves guy and for some reason there’s a mannequin driving a car in the video) that’s to be expected. As the story is a universal one (if you ignore the mannequin and car bit) it’s easy for people to connect to it, which is an essential component of a good song.


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