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Song of the Day: Not Enough by Delain

I went to see Within Temptation at Wembley Arena on Saturday, completely forgetting to even find out who the support was. When I got there it turned out to be a band called Delain. Strangely I recognised the name but wasn’t entirely sure if I had listened to their music before. Upon listening to April Rain later on I think I had come across them before in my musical travels.

Anyway, this was the third time I had seen Within Temptation and I can’t remember the support for the first two times and hadn’t expected much this go around. Turns out it was third time lucky. Echoing the main attraction as a female fronted metal band, and even boasting an original member of Within Temptation they actually provided a fantastic set. But there was one song that punched its way to the fore and became their most memorable performance.

Not Enough by Delain is a fantastic metal song with brilliant mixture of heaviness and lightness (I think that’s usually why I like female fronted metal bands…or symphonic metal, whatever you want to call it). It starts off with all the instruments and Charlotte Wessels gives a good strong performance with her vocals.

In between verses the rest of the band are given their opportunity to shine with the sheer power of their instruments and the control they wield over them. They all fuse together perfectly and provide a multitude of layers, giving the track the sort of soaring atmosphere and sound that belongs in an arena.

But then it gets taken to a whole new level. The metal keeps on going but something entirely new is added. The vocals take on a  whole new level, adding something ethereal and astonishing to the track. The pitch that Wessels reaches is astounding. Yet it feels like she is just toying around with her vocal ability. Making us want more. The best part is that her voice, although not singing any words, cuts through all the instruments which are relentlessly pounding, and you can’t help but focus on it. Then the music cuts out and you’re left with her astounding voice reaching amazing levels and filling up the arena (even when listening to the recording it’s hard to forget the live performance). It’s a beautiful contradiction, and one of the best parts of this sub genre. The softness of the female vocals in contrast to the traditional metal elements. It’s amazing that the vocals were able to hold their own against all the instruments and that’s what makes it so amazing.

I can’t get enough of Not Enough.

Safe to say that I will remember this support band and will keep an eye out for their own headlining UK tour. The deserve one.


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