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140 Character Interview with Lem and the White Fire

Yes, it’s been a while since we’ve had a 140 character interview on here! But it’s back and it’s with an awesome band. Lem and the White Fire have an excellent sound and make for an exciting listen. I was more than happy to take the opportunity to grab them for a quick interview over Twitter.

@musicment: Describe your music?

@lemwhitefire: L&TWH is described to exude originality and quirkiness. This is an organic project which hopes to deliver music to the people with honesty.

@musicment: How did it come about?

@lemwhitefire: Song writing partners Lem & Marcus met in a music shop. We now have an albums worth of material & an amazing array of musicians behind us.

@musicment: What is the White Fire?

@lemwhitefire: The band is named after a spiritual being ‘Whitefire’ believed to be a wise American Indian Guide. Whitefire is also pretty damn hot right?

@musicment: What are your best moments?

@lemwhitefire: So many to choose from! Sneezes, BBC work & meeting amazing ppl. But I guess when an audience member is moved by our music -that is special.

@musicment: Who inspired you?

@lemwhitefire: A whole loada musicians… To name a few, Maria Callas, Eva Cassidy, Sia, Ella Fitzgerald, Amy Winehouse, Bjork… the list can go on!

@musicment: Have anything else to add?

@lemwhitefire: We are always keen to meet new people and experience life with! Holla at us on Twitter or facebook to say HIYAAAA…  Lem x


If you haven’t listened to their music yet I’ll give you a taster. Below is the video for Sugarplum which is an excellent track, and a previous Musical Nourishment Song of the Day. The band are something special and worth a listen to. If you want to find out more follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

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