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Song of the Day: Night Song by Family Band

Night Song by Family Band starts of steadily, the beat going strong and worming its way into your head. The vocals begin and sound just a little bit like Debbie Harry’s, they entwine expertly with that beat and joins forces with it in order to burrow its way deeper into your head.

It is a slow track, not really speeding up at all throughout the song, but it does build up an atmosphere that envelops you. While a subtle track there is a lot to listen out for. As well as the lovely tone of the vocals there’s also the music. It hardly changes, keeping pace, but it provides a steady backbone for the song. In fact, if this had not been done perfectly then it’s likely that the song would just not have the same effect.

Going back to the vocals, they’re rich and smooth, a pleasure to listen to. They become all the better when there’s a sort of echo added later in the song. It fits in so well with everything else that has been included so far.

The end of the track actually comes quite suddenly. Instead of fading away in dramatic fashion it cuts off almost instantly and without warning. After spending so long building the atmosphere and tension of the song and creating the expectation of a big ending it just cuts out. Instead of being disappointing I find it makes the song all the more desirable. There are some tracks that are made to be dramatic, that you can tell from the outset exactly how dramatic will be. This is not one fo those and it would just have list a lot of the impact if it tried to be.

It’s a steady and level song, much like Keep the Streets Empty for Me by Fever Ray, it stays calm and entices you to just listen. It’s definitely a great track.

What do you think?

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