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Song of the Day: Tale of You & Me by Wild Child

This is a bit of an odd track, it’s as if there’s a hidden song added onto the end of it. Not that I’m complaining, it’s a good upbeat one.

Anyway, the beginning of Tale of You & Me is pretty great. There’s a lot of furious, fast-paced violin that compliments the hugely energetic and dramatic lyrics. The two vocals work really well together, balancing the track and adding two perspectives to the narration.

The song at the end is completely different. While it’s still high energy it had less of the drama and is definitely more of a fun track. It sounds like a live recording with a live audience and definitely something that you don’t get from the usual tracks.

Anyway, back to the beginning. It begins with pace and behind the lyrics there’s an anger simmering. The emotion adds a great depth to the song which in turn makes it different on every listen. There’s always something new to discover if you listen carefully. The passion of the song doesn’t just come from the lyrics and vocals, it is also generated from the music. In fact there’s a lot of passion to this track and it makes it very enjoyable.

I love the use of the instruments in this too, the furious pace of the violin as it tries to keep up with the tempo of the lyrics it incredibly charming. The beat is steady and catchy and the lyrics paint a clear picture unlike a lot of songs. Instead of the usual story created in songs Wild Child have drawn on something different. It’s a more questionable story but impossible not to be drawn into. There’s a lot of control over the vocals adding to the overall feel of it.

It then switches seamlessly into the ‘second song’ without skipping a beat. While the lyrics are repetitive there’s still a ‘feel-good’ aspect to it. It sounds like they’re all having fun recording the music and in the end that is one of the things that is most attractive about music. As well as being able to draw on emotion in the song they still enjoy the music they play. The chat in the background gives a more human feel to the track as well.

There’s a lot going on in this song, it’s not overcomplicated but it is jam-packed and that makes it increasingly interested. As I said earlier, it means that there’s a lot to discover upon later listens.

What do you think?

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