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Song of the Day: Keep the Streets Empty for Me by Fever Ray

Keep the Streets Empty Me is a little different from the usual music featured on here. But that’s good, variety is awesome and great music comes from anywhere.

Keep the Streets Empty for Me is a moody atmospheric song that manages to maintain the same feeling throughout its entirety. It’s a sort of slow track, perhaps mild is a better way of describing it, the vocals are the key to this. They have control over the song, they stay calm and collected and the song never out paces them and never drowns them out.

The music itself is responsible for a lot of the atmosphere created, a mysterious ethereal sound resonates for the whole track and is perhaps the thing that makes it so addictive. As well as the atmosphere there’s a melancholy note that echoes constantly and it strikes a certain chord that makes it irresistible.

Everything is subtle, it starts with a simple beat that begins. It vibrates throughout and offers a great support to the soft vocals that bring a gentleness to the song. Every now and then a new sound is introduced and it adds just that little bit extra.

Usually there is a build up that leads to a dramatic end or a chorus that is belted out, but this doesn’t end like that. This is not to say that it’s boring, it’s just a decent way of approaching the track. It makes it less predictable and I think that’s one of the best things about it. It’s a level song that only changes slightly for the duration, but it embraces that and makes it one of its strengths. The track is calm and the steady  approach is fantastic.

It’s a good song for the imagination and I’ve found it incredibly enjoyable to listen to. I hope you enjoy too.

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