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Song of the Day: The Hills of Jericho by Carly Jamison

I initially thought I’d be using a different song from Carly Jamison as my song of the day. I was pretty much certain from the moment I first heard the other song. Yet, I was at work and in my head I was reciting The Hills of Jericho.

Whatever the song, though, it’s pretty much certain that Jamison’s voice is always going to be enthralling. There’s a wonderful tone to it which just draws you in. It’s also very soothing without being dull.

The song itself can be considered catchy, there’s a nice use of guitar throughout that adds a sort of folk/country feeling despite it not being acoustic. The chorus is particularly addictive and if you ever find yourself singing it in your head it will be the chorus that gets you.

The control over her voice is pretty good too, at moments it’s almost like a whisper but still manages to convey the same strength that she has for the majority of the track. The rich texture to the vocals is definitely one of the highlights.

It’s also quite a deceptive track, on the outset it sounds fast-paced, which it is instrumentally. However lyrically and vocally things are slower, which makes the song almost reassuring. It goes at a comfortable pace.

This track is from the 2010 album Everything Happens for a Reason but Jamison does have a new album out called Ungrounded which I certainly look forward to listening to. Let me know what you think.


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