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Song of the Day: Army of Tears by Cathy Davey

I’ve had enough, these salty drops
I’ve caught a thousand of them, filled a hundred cups
And bit by bit they grew and grew
So I begin to turn them into something new

What amazing imagery in the first few lines of the song! A small taster of the rest of the track, they’re simple words for a not so simple story. Delivered with a venom that adds so much character to the song, that really puts you in the footsteps of the narrator.

I find it very rare that a song is able to so fully hook you on the first few lines and it’s always a lovely shock when you stumble across one. It’s especially nice when you’ve been listening to a lot of music that fails to stand out.

The thing about Army of Tears is that while it might sound like a case of ‘simple song means great music’, there’s actually a touch of complexity to be had. Davey’s voice provides a bit of assertiveness, giving a very strong edge to the track. Especially when there’s some gruffness to her vocals. Then there’s the opposite side where she goes high and all of a sudden it sounds ethereal.

Listening beyond the vocals it’s clear that a lot of support is provided by the plethora of instruments. From the start there’s a steady string instrument (I’m not the best at picking them apart but I want to say violin) which underpins everything she states in song. When things seem to get more dramatic the violin demonstrated it beautifully by becoming intentionally almost erratic.

There are also some backing vocals which make a sort of echoing that adds more to the ethereal atmosphere. Overall it’s a very impressive delivery and makes for a very addictive track. There’s a lot of passion and feeling in the song as well as a hint of determination. The latter is evident throughout in the strength of the lyrics and vocals as well as the increasing tempo.

While the video I’ve included sounds different to the version I’ve downloaded it still gets across the same features and there’s even a bit of charm added because it sounds a bit more raw in the video. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the track!


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