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Song of the Day: Night Song by Family Band

Night Song by Family Band starts of steadily, the beat going strong and worming its way into your head. The vocals begin and sound just a little bit like Debbie Harry’s, they entwine expertly with that beat and joins forces with it in order to burrow its way deeper into your head. (more…)

Song of the Day: Tale of You & Me by Wild Child

This is a bit of an odd track, it’s as if there’s a hidden song added onto the end of it. Not that I’m complaining, it’s a good upbeat one.

Anyway, the beginning of Tale of You & Me is pretty great. There’s a lot of furious, fast-paced violin that compliments the hugely energetic and dramatic lyrics. The two vocals work really well together, balancing the track and adding two perspectives to the narration. (more…)

Song of the Day: Keep the Streets Empty for Me by Fever Ray

Keep the Streets Empty Me is a little different from the usual music featured on here. But that’s good, variety is awesome and great music comes from anywhere.

Keep the Streets Empty for Me is a moody atmospheric song that manages to maintain the same feeling throughout its entirety. It’s a sort of slow track, perhaps mild is a better way of describing it, the vocals are the key to this. (more…)

Song of the Day: The Hills of Jericho by Carly Jamison

I initially thought I’d be using a different song from Carly Jamison as my song of the day. I was pretty much certain from the moment I first heard the other song. Yet, I was at work and in my head I was reciting The Hills of Jericho.

Song of the Day: Army of Tears by Cathy Davey

I’ve had enough, these salty drops
I’ve caught a thousand of them, filled a hundred cups
And bit by bit they grew and grew
So I begin to turn them into something new

What amazing imagery in the first few lines of the song! A small taster of the rest of the track, they’re simple words for a not so simple story. Delivered with a venom that adds so much character to the song, that really puts you in the footsteps of the narrator. (more…)