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Song of the Day: Springtime by Erland & the Carnival

I’ve seen the name around for a while and always thought to myself ‘oh, I really must listen to Erland & the Carnival,’ and now I finally have it was worth the wait! Springtime is a brilliant track from the band, with mixed tempos, good lyrics and amazing music.

The beginning, with the almost ticking and then the introduction of more music, completed by the vocals, is enough to pique your interest. It all seems very understated for a while and then the chorus kicks in and things get a bit faster.

All the instruments fuse together to create a fantastic sound, and increase in tempo ever so slightly. However, while this change happens the vocals stay the same, creating a contrast in the sound. The singing is calm and controlled and creates a fantastic atmosphere for the song.

The lyrics seem simple, perhaps because of the control exercised on the vocals but the more you listen to them the more you realise that the first impression is deceptive. The lyrics are pretty good and don’t seem to fit in with the liveliness of the instruments, which I think is great.

There’s a bit of drama in this song and it makes it brilliant, the end of the track is as good as the rest of it, with the guitar seemingly trying to imitate the ‘ahhhhs’ that were littered throughout the song, and it ends rather abruptly.

There’s a lot of elements to like about Springtime, but I think the most amazing thing is how they all come together to create such a fantastic track.


2 responses

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  2. Amazing vocals and cool techno sound!
    Dan-O | DanoSongs

    13/01/2014 at 12:28 pm

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