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Song of the Day: The Deserters by Rachel Zeffira

Well, with all the music I’ve been listening to lately, this was unexpected. Rachel Zeffira has a haunting melodic voice and it is displayed very well in The Deserters.

You get caught up in her voice, the way she uses it as another instrument, that it’s a while before you realise that there’s actually a piano playing in the background. It brings more beauty to the track and keeps pace with her voice exceptionally well.

The track is different to a lot of the stuff that I post in here, it sounds closer to classical music than anything that usually graces the pages of Musical Nourishment, however it’s thoroughly enjoyable and calming music and it sweeps you away on a lovely journey.

The combination of her voice with the piano is truly great and when, every now and then, another instrument is brought into the mix it sounds abrupt but actually fits in rather well. It adds more pace to the song and when it’s done the piano is rumbling more powerfully.

The Deserters is a very haunting piece of music and that is entirely to do with the vocals. The way Zeffira delivers each word and completes each line just adds to that atmosphere. The words almost echo throughout the song.

I am looking forward to listening to more of her music.

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