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Song of the Day: Eye of the Storm by Lois & the Love

Eye of the Storm is the second song from Lois & the Love that has made it to Song of the Day, the first being War. And given the brilliance of both these tracks I would love to have more follow in their footsteps.

As with War, Eye of the Storm is very fast-paced and relentless, and although she doesn’t stretch her vocals as much in this track they’re still great. She has an amazing rock voice, it comes with a slight gruffness that adds that little bit more to the track.

It’s a very lively piece of music that comes with the traditional rock instruments that create a steady and reliable beat to support the vocals. The lyrics also prove to be very good and easy to pick up on.

But I have to say that the star of the track has to be the voice. The vocals are delivered perfectly on every line and are a force to be reckoned with. the entire band is brilliant and the music they’ve produced has yet to disappoint.

Lois & the Love are swiftly becoming one of my favourite bands to look out for, the music they come up with is amazing and I can only urge people to check them out.


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