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Song of the Day: Solid Ground by Maps & Atlases

This track is completely different from yesterday’s Song of the Day. It’s not as quick, it’s slower and there’s nothing quirky about it. But Solid Ground by Maps & Atlases is just as good.

It has a bit of a slow start, and the thing that grabs you is the uniqueness of his voice. It has an amazing quality to it that will always succeed in drawing you in. I think it’s the voice that gives the track that little bit extra. It’s hard to decipher the mood of the song and somehow it adds more meaning to the lyrics.

When it gets to the ‘nah nah nahs’, that’s when it becomes a truly addictive song. I like the way they sound, carefully made sure to be in tune rather than belted out, as many people do. As soon as they’re done the pace of the track begins to pick up and the instruments come into their own. They join that oh so very intriguing voice in adding more layers to the track

As much as I loved the slow-paced beginning, I think it’s that fastness and the fusion of everything, which eventually combusted together, that’s the best part of the track. It starts with the guitar, then a second set of deeper vocals are introduced, which work perfectly.

It all starts to build up until there are so many textures to the track that the vocals are tastefully overwhelmed by the instruments. there’s a lot there, but the rhythm is still perfectly clear. And then it reverts back to the beginning. Slow with just those vocals standing out.

Solid Ground is a brilliant song and I was glad to discover it. I hope you like it too.


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