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Song of the Day: The Fox The Crow and The Cookie by Me Without You

As well as having a pretty good video with a unique feel, the obscure subject (a fox a crow and a baker) is actually quite refreshing.

The Fox The Crow and The Cookie, by Me Without You, sounds like it’s a lot of nonsense but it’s fun nonsense. A story is told quite clearly in the lyrics and I like how full on the lyrics are. Rather than singing solemnly for a couple of minutes, the whole thing is a lot of fun because it’s more narration of a tale rather than getting caught up in a moment of romance.

There’s quite a large mix of instruments as well. Alongside the staple guitar and piano are a violin and tuba, adding more to the quirkiness of the whole thing. It actually suits the story of the song quite well. A lot of different sounds are made throughout the duration of the track and it becomes fascinating to listen to because you never quite know where the music is heading.

Considering the nature of the song I think the lyrics are quite clever. It’s great songwriting that all seems a little tongue-in-cheek, and the fact that they’re capable of concisely narrating a story through song is impressive.

It’s an upbeat track that has been stuck in my head since I first heard it and it’s fantastic at conjuring up images! I hope you enjoy it.


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