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Song of the Day: Currents by Eisley

This is another exciting song from an exciting band. After listening to several of their songs it became apparent that Eisley are no strangers to versatility, but it was really this track, Currents, which grabbed my attention.

It’s the title track of their 2013 album and it places high expectations on the album. There’s something magical about the vocals, they’re fascinating and mesmersing. Listening to their voices it’s as if they are channeling the title of the song, there are times when the vocals sound like sirens (the mythical creatures not the alarms) which adds to the theme. even from the beginning there’s a sense of drips on water.

As well as the great vocals, the almost relentless music supporting it gives the track an extra oomph. It’s another addictive track and there seems to be no limit as to how high their voices can go.

As with yesterday’s Song of the Day, I’m finding it difficult to find an artist to compare Eisley to, but as I said yesterday, that can only be a good thing.

As the song progresses it becomes even harder to push the water images from your mind. Listening to the different textures and layers of the vocals it’s easy to imagine light refracting off the water as it ripples in the wind, or even the depths beneath getting darker and darker as you sink further below. The guitar particularly helps with that one, as it echoes solemnly.

It sounds like a lot of exploring is done in this track, both vocally and instrumentally and it just goes to show that musicians should always look for something new rather than stick to the same old formula. The results can be amazing.


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