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Song of the Day: Sounds Like Hallelujah by The Head and the Heart

A belated happy New Year everyone!

I hope 2014 is a great year for all your blogging and for music!

I’m kicking the year off with a Song of the Day that came after a couple of hours trawling through my suggested list on Spotify. Eventually, I came across Sounds Like Hallelujah by The Head and The Heart and it automatically stuck out from the rest of the music because of the soft vocals and the awesome instrumental support.

It starts off with a sort of fast pace and the vocals draw you in, in a hypnotic fashion. They’re deep and comforting and when it comes to the backing vocals and the ‘ooohs” it’s safe to say that I was ensnared by it all. There is also a nice mix of instruments, the guitar and violin work well together.

It’s a catchy tune, which is very comforting despite the melancholy note it begins with. The Head and The Heart seem rather folky, but at the moment I can’t think of any folk artists to compare them too. They don’t have the everlasting energy of Mumford and Sons, but there is a unique charm that is weaved with every note played and syllable sung. Neither do they have the atmospheric aura that comes with Laura Marling. But that’s not to say they’re not captivating.

In fact, I think it’s rather a good thing that it’s difficult to compare them to other musicians around. It means they’ve ensconced themselves in their own sound and not relying on the innovations of others.

It’s a really sweet track and it’s warming to listen to. I think it’s a good way to kick off the year and I look forward to all the other music that there is to discover in the year to come.


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