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Song of the Day: Springtime by Erland & the Carnival

I’ve seen the name around for a while and always thought to myself ‘oh, I really must listen to Erland & the Carnival,’ and now I finally have it was worth the wait! Springtime is a brilliant track from the band, with mixed tempos, good lyrics and amazing music. (more…)

Song of the Day: The Deserters by Rachel Zeffira

Well, with all the music I’ve been listening to lately, this was unexpected. Rachel Zeffira has a haunting melodic voice and it is displayed very well in The Deserters.

You get caught up in her voice, the way she uses it as another instrument, that it’s a while before you realise that there’s actually a piano playing in the background. (more…)

Song of the Day: Eye of the Storm by Lois & the Love

Eye of the Storm is the second song from Lois & the Love that has made it to Song of the Day, the first being War. And given the brilliance of both these tracks I would love to have more follow in their footsteps. (more…)

Song of the Day: Solid Ground by Maps & Atlases

This track is completely different from yesterday’s Song of the Day. It’s not as quick, it’s slower and there’s nothing quirky about it. But Solid Ground by Maps & Atlases is just as good.

It has a bit of a slow start, and the thing that grabs you is the uniqueness of his voice. It has an amazing quality to it that will always succeed in drawing you in. (more…)

Song of the Day: The Fox The Crow and The Cookie by Me Without You

As well as having a pretty good video with a unique feel, the obscure subject (a fox a crow and a baker) is actually quite refreshing.

The Fox The Crow and The Cookie, by Me Without You, sounds like it’s a lot of nonsense but it’s fun nonsense. A story is told quite clearly in the lyrics and I like how full on the lyrics are. (more…)

Song of the Day: Currents by Eisley

This is another exciting song from an exciting band. After listening to several of their songs it became apparent that Eisley are no strangers to versatility, but it was really this track, Currents, which grabbed my attention.

It’s the title track of their 2013 album and it places high expectations on the album. There’s something magical about the vocals, they’re fascinating and mesmersing. (more…)

Song of the Day: Sounds Like Hallelujah by The Head and the Heart

A belated happy New Year everyone!

I hope 2014 is a great year for all your blogging and for music!

I’m kicking the year off with a Song of the Day that came after a couple of hours trawling through my suggested list on Spotify. Eventually, I came across Sounds Like Hallelujah by The Head and The Heart and it automatically stuck out from the rest of the music because of the soft vocals and the awesome instrumental support. (more…)