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The Day of The Rabblement at The Wedgewood Rooms

On stage at the Wedgewood Rooms. Photo by Lisa Reeve

On stage at the Wedgewood Rooms. Photo by Lisa Reeve

Lately I have been incredibly impressed with the musical talent that the South Coast has  churned out and one of the best has to be The Day of The Rabblement. On Wednesday they played at the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth as part of Reel Sound Music, and I have to say that they put on an amazing show.

From the very first song, Soul Traders, they showed that they were an amazingly well rehearsed seven piece band. With that many people on stage creating noise it could be easy for something to go wrong. But nothing ever did, which demonstrated just how well they work with each other. It added to the increasing charm of their music. The song itself has a very catchy tune and an enigmatic atmosphere is created by the violin in the background. It proved to be a fantastic opening song and put everyone at the seated gig in the mood for some really good local music.

After this they went into Bow Down, which was slower than the first but was no less enjoyable. Watching them live on stage it’s easy to see that they love performing together and have fun on stage. When Khaleda is singing this song it’s enough to give you shivers. I’ve listened to so many bands and musicians this year and yet her voice is the best I’ve heard in a while. There’s a wonderful quality to it that makes it another instrument to add to their very wide collection. Her voice sweeps you up in the song and when the entire band sing together it’s almost impossible to escape back to reality.

There are a lot of fantastic moments throughout their set, their sense of humour constantly shining through. Of course, this came with the sad news that this was the last show that they were playing with Caitlin Burchett (violin and vocals) and Tom McGibben (banjo and vocals).  And they certainly left with a bang.

Caitlin Burchett on violin. Photo by Lisa Reeve

Caitlin Burchett on violin. Photo by Lisa Reeve

In The Bulrushes was a previous Song of the Day on Musical Nourishment and it is even better live than it is recorded. This was one of the best songs of the night, so full of passion it highlighted exactly why this band have been signed to Psychedelia Records and why they deserve to go very far indeed. There’s just something very addictive and memorable about this song, I don’t know if it’s the chorus, or those moments when everyone is singing together.

The rest of the set was a blur of exceptionally good music, including a great version of As I Roved out.  There’s something special about The Day of The Rabblement and that became glaringly apparent at this show. They have a wonderful collection of songs and know how to entertain an audience. If you have the opportunity to see them then definitely go, you’ll regret it otherwise.

Looking comfortable on stage. Photo by Lisa Reeve

Danny, Khaleda and Ollie looking comfortable on stage. Photo by Lisa Reeve


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