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Song of the Day: Jukebox Dream by The Rebel Light

Jukebox Dream is set to be the new single from LA based band The Rebel Light. It’s incredibly different from what this band has produced before and I’m impressed that they decided to take the risk and step away from the gruff and rough around the edges technique, which has resulted in brilliant tracks such as My Heroes Are Dead and Goodbye Serenade.

Jukebox Dream is a throwback to the era of The Beatles and sweeps you away with its smooth delivery. It’s a testament to just how good the band is. They took the risk to step away from the sound they usually create and it’s worked out very well. The fact that it’s pretty much a DIY track is also impressive. I always enjoy it when bands stop twiddling their thumbs and get on with it. This is something that The Rebel Light has done, they grabbed the opportunity and produced the track themselves.

Overall Jukebox Dream sounds like a very polished track and it establishes that the band are good at songwriting as well as making the music. They’ve created a very charming song that slides through your ears smoothly.

It has a catchy chorus, which is supported by a catchy beat and promises good things from The Rebel Light. If they ever come to the UK I will definitely be thede to see them live.


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