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Song of the Day: C’mon Man You’re Dead by Sahara Beck

I have been listening to Sahara Beck’s You Could be Happy EP all day. It’s full of six fantastic tracks and it’s incredibly difficult to choose which song should be Song of the Day. I’m still trying to decide. So I guess I should ramble on for a bit longer.

Sahara Beck is an Australian singer/songwriter and has an amazingly charming voice. At times there are certain notes she hits and sounds she makes that remind me of Laura Marling. She has that inviting and enigmatic quality, but at the same time  her music feels like less of a mystery, which is just as appealing as the mystery that some musicians adopt. Beck’s voice differs from track to track, she displays a mastery over her voice, a voice that would be comfortable in the intimate venues as well as some a bit larger. The first track I heard was C’mon Man You’re Dead, it excited me and convinced me to listen to the rest of the EP.

So for this reason, the Song of the Day is C’mon Man You’re Dead. It’s the liveliest song on the EP and it’s incredibly catchy. It’s a great opening song and the perfect mixture of folk and pop. As well as the vocals going high and low with the right amount of frequency, the tune of those vocals and the support of the guitar create an enticing beat. This is further strengthened by the clapping, which pops up every now and then.

The lyrics are simple but good, and they’re very effective at getting stuck in your head, making this the type of song which will brand itself on your mind. It’s a strong track with a lot going for it. It’s definitely the strongest on the EP.

Overall it’s a hugely enjoyable track and holds a lot of promise for Sahara Beck. It’s an exciting song, the sort you should listen to when you want to lose yourself in music. Let me know what you think!

The EP You Could Be Happy is set to be released on 31 October.


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  1. Great song, I think you’ll like the music on my blog, follow me! x

    27/11/2013 at 7:12 pm

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