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The Day of The Rabblement at The Wedgewood Rooms

On stage at the Wedgewood Rooms. Photo by Lisa Reeve

On stage at the Wedgewood Rooms. Photo by Lisa Reeve

Lately I have been incredibly impressed with the musical talent that the South Coast has  churned out and one of the best has to be The Day of The Rabblement. On Wednesday they played at the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth as part of Reel Sound Music, and I have to say that they put on an amazing show.

From the very first song, Soul Traders, they showed that they were an amazingly well rehearsed seven piece band. With that many people on stage creating noise it could be easy for something to go wrong. But nothing ever did, which demonstrated just how well they work with each other. (more…)

Song of the Day: Jukebox Dream by The Rebel Light

Jukebox Dream is set to be the new single from LA based band The Rebel Light. It’s incredibly different from what this band has produced before and I’m impressed that they decided to take the risk and step away from the gruff and rough around the edges technique, which has resulted in brilliant tracks such as My Heroes Are Dead and Goodbye Serenade.


Song of the Day: C’mon Man You’re Dead by Sahara Beck

I have been listening to Sahara Beck’s You Could be Happy EP all day. It’s full of six fantastic tracks and it’s incredibly difficult to choose which song should be Song of the Day. I’m still trying to decide. So I guess I should ramble on for a bit longer.

Sahara Beck is an Australian singer/songwriter and has an amazingly charming voice. At times there are certain notes she hits and sounds she makes that remind me of Laura Marling. (more…)

Paradise (What About Us?) – New EP from Within Temptation

My love for this Dutch band has been so strong ever since I discovered them in school, and it has not wavered over the years. As with most bands, their sound has inevitably changed but still stayed with what makes Within Temptation a fantastic band. But this new EP, Paradise (What About Us?) sees a return to their original sound, all the while keeping some of the things they’ve picked up since the pre-Silent Force era.

For anyone who has yet to be introduced to Within Temptation, they’re a melodic, gothic band that can be hard to pigeonhole. Some say they belong to the metal family tree, others believe they’re more gothic rock. Personally I like to refer to them as ‘fantasy’ metal, simply because of the worlds and stories created in their songs. (more…)