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Song of the Day: Rebels in the Light by Manicanparty

I have only just discovered Manicanparty and fell in love with Rebels in the Light, partly because of the Lion King-esque chanting scattered throughout. It’s very different from the folk and rock music that usually appears on here, but hey good music is good music!

There’s an amazing feeling to this track, I’ve recently said that simplicity can make a great song, but this is an example of the complete opposite. There’s a lot to this song, and it’s masterfully done so nothing gets swallowed by anything else. There’s the afore-mentioned chanting, and hand clapping, as well as drums and soaring vocals all supported by a lovely beat in the background.

All the little quirks that come with the track, such as the chanting and hand clapping and what is definitely not the typical drum set, serve to make this track incredibly catchy. On every listen you still get the aspects that made you love it in the first place, but every now and then there’s also something new.

It’s a refreshing track. Believe me, there has been a lot of dreary music I’ve come across on Spotify today and this song has blown away the cobwebs they created. I love it when a song does that, when it stands out from everything you’ve listened to throughout the day. I guess that’s what makes something Song of the Day material, a standout song that utterly overshadows everything else your ears just happened to pick up on. Rebels in the Light is really enjoyable and I hope you guys enjoy it too. It makes me very excited for this band.

Manicanparty has a new song, Monarch, coming out on 1 October. It’s another great song by this band who have proved that they have a great sound.


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