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Song of the Day: The Heights of Lola by Keston Cobblers Club

I discovered Keston Cobblers Club today because of Pepper, who have created an awesome app that you should check out, and after listening to their album One, for Words it was the song The Heights of Lola that stood out above all the others. It’s a very catchy song and I can imagine it’s the sort of track that people play again and again in order to try to master the pace and lyrics and successfully complete a sing-a-long without a single mistake. That would be an achievement indeed.

The jaunty fast-paced track is an absolute delight and adds a bit of liveliness to your day. It’s packed full of so much, different sets of vocals, a variety of different instruments and enjoyable lyrics. The pace of the song is relentless and continues for its duration, the keyboard is the pace setter and everything else is trying to catch up. On top of that come the vocals then the harmonica.

The whole song just seems to defy the standard features that are expected of any generic song. This track just forges its own way into the musical ether and it’s so easy to get caught up in the momentum of it all that you’re a little taken aback when it ends so suddenly.

The lyrics seem to be as unique as the track itself and, to be honest, of course they are! You can’t have a standout and unique song with recycled lyrics that follow the same formula as every other track out there.

It’s just such a fun track to listen to, and this is an element that is often missing from music today. The fun of creating music doesn’t often transfer to the actual recording, but it has triumphed in this track. It kind of reminds me of the songs we would sing in infant school where one section would start and then another section would begin a line or so later. The Heights of Lola has that quality to it, except it’s a much better production than an audience of infant school children could ever hope to achieve.


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