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Song of the Day: While the World Burns by Svavar Knútur featuring Markéta Irglová

Well, While the World Burns by Svavar Knútur and featuring Markéta Irglová is a quiet and simplistic piece of music. There’s no complexity to the music or the lyrics, proving that simplicity is sometimes the best.

Svavar is a singer/songwriter who hails from Iceland and he brings a wonderful quality to While the World Burns. The song itself is quite haunting, the type of track that can resonate with anyone if they’re in the right mood, but also just a track that is a pleasure to listen to because it is a wonderful display of what good musicians can create.

From the very beginning the guitar sets the atmosphere for the song, it immediately puts the listener in the correct frame of mind, this is further supported by Svavar’s gentle voice and the delivery of the lyrics. The lyrics themselves can be considered pretty dark giving no sense of hope, yet the song is actually sweet despite this. I like that the lyrics paint a clear picture, it makes the song easier to sit back and listen to.

I also like that there aren’t many layers to the track either. It’s just the vocals and guitar and I think this is perfect for such a song, anything else would have ruined it and swallowed the lyrics. As it is, Svavar does a wonderful job of carrying the track without anything else, yet, the subtle support from Markéta Irglová is a welcome extra. She makes the song even more haunting and supports Svavar’s vocals exceptionally well.

Just from this track I’m excited to hear more of Svavar’s tracks, While the World Burns promises a lot of potential and, as always when it comes to Song of the Day artists, I look forward to hearing more!


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