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Song of the Day: Nerves of Steel by Flaming June

Today is Folkstock day! It’s an exciting acoustic festival taking place up in Hertfordshire, and I can’t be there. So for today I present to you a song from one of the musicians that will be playing, Nerves of Steel by Flaming June. To me, Flaming June is really exciting, I find this music is folk rock at its best and Nerves of Steel is a fantastic example of what is on offer.

It begins really subtly, just the guitar strumming away, then a few more instruments come into it, building up the tension and drama,adding to the overall atmosphere of the track. The introduction does a great job of drawing the listener in and the vocals ensnare them completely. There’s a raw quality, which comes from the vocals. This is always better than the seemingly polished track that are usually squeaky clean without a hint of emotion. Instead there’s plenty of emotion in a track that sounds so much better than the tracks that have sanded down their rough edges.

In fact, the vocals really are quite haunting, there’s also a hint of resilience in them, which makes you feel as if the lyrics truly are personal to the singer. All throughout the track the instruments, especially the violin or other string-based instrument, add an extra depth to the song.

The lyrics are also a great feature of the track. The way they narrate the story is a lot more believable and effective than quite a lot of other songs I’ve heard, and you actually understand why it’s called Nerves of Steel. I’m entirely impressed by the whole package of this track, in fact this is just one great song of many and I look forward to anything else that Flaming June release.

Without a doubt I’ll be listening to music from this band all day. If you’re going to Folkstock today, definitely go and see Flaming June.


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