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Song of the Day: What a World by Tom Bertram

After listening to several songs on his website it became apparent that Tom Bertram is in fact quite an understated performer. For today’s Song of the Day, What a World, it’s the soft guitar accompanied by the even softer vocals that won me over.

What a World starts off very calmly, with the guitar strumming away almost hypnotically and pretty much keeping to the same laid-back tempo all the way through. Tom begins to sing, adding a different texture to the song with his ever so slightly gruff voice, which comes out surprisingly softly. In fact, it adds a sort of tenderness to the track making it incredibly gentle.

It’s the type of track that gets you tapping your foot along and piques your interest enough to check out some other songs. It’s nicely paced, it doesn’t go too slow and it’s not the type of track that should go too fast. It’s nestled nicely in the middle. The chorus itself is nice and catchy, which is always a good sign and the lyrics sound sweetly optimistic.

Overall it’s a really lovely track and serves as a great introduction to Tom Bertram. If you happen to be in the area next month, you can catch him playing at the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth on 12 October.


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