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Song of the Day: In the Bullrushes by The Day of Rabblement

The Day of Rabblement is another local band from Portsmouth, it’s rather satisfying to see the list of awesome local bands constantly growing. The song of theirs I have become addicted to is In the Bullrushes, I love it because of the intimate feel that comes with the track and because it almost sounds fragile.

A friend of mine actually pointed me in the direction of this band a couple of days ago, and I’m only now just getting round to checking them out. From the instant In the Bullrushes first starts there’s a very folky ring to it coming from all sorts of instruments that create a wonderful wall of sound.

The vocals begin and they sound so deceptively small that there’s a sense of fragility to the track, but it soon becomes clear that it’s just a facade and the vocals, which have a hint of Kate Bush in them, gradually become stronger as the track continues on. There’s definitely a wonderful partnership between the vocals and instruments, which created a unique sound that belongs completely to The Day of Rabblement.

There’s also a sense of appreciation of the music being created in the song, there are many occasions when the vocals faded out and I found myself listening to just the instruments. In many tracks this is not a common occurence, there are a few pauses in the lyrics here and there but not really long enough to appreciate the true genius of the music in the background. It’s nice to hear that this track is different.

It’s actually a really relaxing listen, there’s just something about it that makes it a little therapeutic, but at the same time lively enough to retain attention. Whatever is on the horizon for this band, I look forward to finding out.


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