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Song of the Day: Kiss Kill by Candy Says

Every song Candy Says produces makes me fall in love with them even more. They’ve attempted so many different sounds and they’ve conquered each and every one. Kiss Kill is another of their tracks, and although it’s miles away from slower-paced and calmer Favourite Flavour, it is just as good.

It shoots off from the very beginning and speeds off into the hand-clappy first verse, if this isn’t good enough the chorus is coming up and it’s just a whirlwind of the band’s creativeness and trademark Hammond keyboard. It’s always difficult to judge where a Candy Says song is going to go and Kiss Kill is no exception. It’s paced incredibly differently, the beginning is so fast but then slows down when it hits the verse, picking up again when it’s time for the chorus and repeats this pattern.

As I’ve already mentioned it’s so different to debut single Favourite Flavour, but this just shows their diversity and willingness to experiment with sound. I don’t know of many bands that enjoy music this much, finding different ways of expressing themselves with but always coming put with brilliant results.

There are plenty of layers to this track, and each comes together to turn this track into an excellent offering. Not only does it show their love for music but also demonstrates that this band has what it takes to become a serious name in the music industry. Hell, they deserve to make a name for themselves.

Kiss Kill is another instalment in a series of seriously awesome tracks and it seems like these guys will never falter. They’ve gone for the electronic sound and really pulled it off, and I look forward to seeing what they have to offer next. Don’t forget, if you love their music but you’re sick of only getting it on your computer, there’s a Candy Says app you can download to get this track and many more.

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