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The Molotov Jukebox Album

Do you love lively, quirky and amazingly catchy music?

Well, if you said yes you have the opportunity to take part in the creation of Molotov Jukebox’s debut album! Anyone who hasn’t listened to the band yet, their music has been dubbed gyp-step and have produced some of the most lively music I’ve heard and some of the most random videos I’ve seen.

Anyway, if you head on over to PledgeMusic you can pledge some money towards the debut album, in exchange for a few choice items. The lowest amount of money you can pledge is £8, which gets you the album download and updates. From there the price rises to £10 and you can choose from a Molotov Jukebox tote bag, the new album on CD and Natalia Tena (the lead singer and accordion player) to record a bedtime story.

I love the list they’ve put up, some of it is incredibly random and I wouldn’t expect anything else from this band. From there the price gets steadily higher, the most expensive being Sam’s caravan at £10,000. According to the description this is the vehicle they’ve used to get around on tour and even to Glastonbury. Just below that on price is a house gig at £7,000, there are five of these available.

My personal favourite is getting one of the band members to marry you. If someone pledges enough money they can choose a male member of the band to get ordained online and be the priest at their wedding. There’s also the opportunity to have lunch with the band, and from what I’ve gleaned of the band this promises to be an amusing meal.

I think Molotov Jukebox deserve this support for their album because their music is so different from everything else. It’s refreshing and fun and to have an entire album of it would be brilliant. They’re playing Bestival today and they have a tour in November. They work hard, but enjoy it too. So if you have a chance to support them in some way, either by pledging or going to see them, make sure you do it! The end result will be well worth it.

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