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Song of the Day: Desire Lines by The B of the Bang

I saw The B of The Bang at  Victorious Festival in Portsmouth (expect reviews and a couple of interviews soon) and they were really captivating. So coming home meant looking them up and listening to their albums. Desire Lines, from the album Beginning. Middle. End. was one of many that stood out. I could seriously have at least two more songs from The B of the Band as Song of the Day, but for the sake of not being repetitive, these will have to wait a while.

Anyway, Desire Lines is a deceptively simple track. It’s certainly a beautiful song and I think this comes from the simplicity. It’s just the guitar and the vocals, and not really anything else. The different vocals work really well together and create a wonderful sound that resonates alongside the guitar.

The song gets taking to an altogether different level when they start hitting the high notes, it becomes haunting, especially with the incredible last note. The lyrics are also good, increasingly poetic, they’re quite understated, quite like the male vocals. While the female vocals belt out all the power and hits the incredible highs, a depth is brought to the song by the lead singer.

I also like how the two singers echo each other. Sometimes they’re singing together, but at others one starts later and it  continues to underline that haunting effect. This is the sort of track that just captivates you from beginning to end and you need to close your eyes so you can focus only on the song, which might make you look weird on a bus.

Desire Lines is also pretty different from other tracks that The B of the Bang have produced. It’s pretty mellow, whereas the band also like to be lively and harsher. In fact, they’re a band that you just can’t fit into one category. I wish I was going to Southsea Fest this year so I could see them again.

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