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Song of the Day: Rise by The Frames

Rise by The Frames, ladies and gentlemen, is yet another song I have fallen in love with. You know I try to find music wherever I can, and this one made itself known to me through a show called Castle.

It popped up during a pretty dramatic scene, yet without this amazing piece of music I doubt there would have been that much drama simmering in the background. It’s a case of a very good song choice on behalf of the show. Through this song I was introduced to a great band called The Frames, which is really the best thing you can get from a song you’ve never heard before.

I think what makes this song so amazing is the really unassuming beginning. Listening to the start you’d have no idea what it’s going to grow into, how addictive and strong and just utterly brilliant the entire track is. It takes you on a journey and when it finishes you just want to go on it again and you thank whoever you can think of that there is such a thing as a repeat button.

It starts off pretty quiet, soft vocals a guitar full of emotion and it’s enough to keep you listening. Those vocals, a little gruff, deliver each word with masterful control and timing. Later the vocals become angrier and more passionate, as does the guitar and other instruments. Then the pace picks up, the vocals are wailing in the background until they’re almost shouting out the lyrics, yet still somehow remaining in tune.

Everything is clashing together in very loud harmony the softness completely obliterated and replaced with the raw emotion, which has you invested in the track a thousand times more than you were in the beginning.

Then, a little suddenly, it gets calmer again. The emotion has stopped crashing together and is instead whirling more peacefully as the vocals resume their original gentleness and control and then come to an end.

Listening to it once doesn’t seem enough, it feels as if there’s more to come. Yet it’s still a track that’s perfectly delivered and has very little fault. It’s enjoyable and memorable and I’m glad to have come across it.

Hopefully you enjoy Rise by The Frames too.

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