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Ash Lee 140 Character Interview

Ash Lee is a singer/songwriter from Hampshire (making him a local musician for me) with a great passion for what he does. His track Yesterday’s News is a catchy little song with a great beat and a chorus that’ll be stuck in your head. The sort of synthy experimentation (nope that probably isn’t the correct terminology) with his voice at the beginning  and the guitar solo toward the end give the song an extra edge making, it a very good offering. 

He was also kind enough to agree to a 140 character interview. So, I introduce you to Ash Lee:

@Musciment: @AshTheNeon Describe your music. What/who inspires you? How did you get started? When did you realise you wanted to perform? Anything else?

@AshTheNeon: @Musicment regardless of subject,I hope my music works on different levels.I’ll go with ‘tales of desperation in a 3 minutes 30 pop song!’

@AshTheNeon: @Musicment Life is #1 inspiration.The people and places, forces of good or evil.Its nice when you can capture that.Rare, but nice

@AshTheNeon: @Musicment I feel as though Im still starting!Its as simple as find 2/3 people on your wavelength&play an organic approach will always work

@AshTheNeon: @Musicment I realised when I was 5 y/old singing a @hueandcry song at an infant school talent show.All eyes were on me and it felt perfect.

There you go, that’s Ash Lee with a great interview! If you’re interested in his music don’t forget to follow him on Twitter.

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