Cultivating great musical taste

Song of the Day: The Hypnotist by Owls of the Swamp

The Hypnotist by Owls of the Swamp is beautiful. It commands your attention straight away with the tinkling keyboard and gentle guitar. It puts you in mind of a night time scene in the countryside with the moon shining down on the swaying grass and the river that is rolling past. It’s that sort of music, where you can picture it in your mind.

The vocals are soft too, and they come with a haunting quality that is completely mesmerising. It is a very hypnotic song but that’s to be expected with a track called The Hypnotist.

It’s entirely enchanting and even the lyrics are relaxing. This is probably because they’re sung in a lullaby like melody. When it comes to ‘empty out your mind, empty out your mind’ it’s not only easy but also incredibly tempting to do. The track has a wonderful calming effect and there’s a sense of loss when it ends.

Go and give it a listen. If you’ve had a bad day, it’ll make you feel better. If it’s raining, it will help you forget about it. Like I said, it’s a calming track.


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