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Call Upon the Author 140 Character Interview

Welcome to our second instalment of our 140 character interviews.

Today we’ve been talking to Call Upon the Author, a website dedicated to music talent. It’s based in Portsmouth and features some of the best music around. Not only do they review and interview some upcoming musicians and bands but they also get to rub shoulders with some big names.

If you’re ever in a bind as to what to listen to then be sure to head on over and have a read of their material.

Anyway, onto the very mini interview:

@Musicment: @callupon What’s CUTA? Who’re you listening to currently? Looking forward to anything? Who was your favourite interviewee? Anything to add?

@callupon: @Musicment CUTA is a music news & reviews site. We’re liking @Kodaline & looking forward to @canadadaylondon! Best interview @wintersleep

Don’t forget to check out their website and follow them on Twitter.

What do you think?

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